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Spectral Synthesis
Home Cinema Theater Acoustics & Sound Proofing India

YOU DESERVE A PREMIUM HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE: Every space is unique and there are many factors that impact the quality of your Home Theatre experience. Let our experts analyse your space and provide the best sonic experience possible to fit your budget. Our home theater design experts have hands on experience in providing high end home theatre experience that match your budget. Mastering Home Cinema Acoustics: Proper speaker configuration and acoustic treatment is essential to a home theatre. Most of our rooms have little or no absorptive materials or too much absorption. Rooms with little absorption means sound from speakers make noise bounce off walls and causing disturbance in hearing sound. Similarly, rooms with too much absorption, or the auditory experience will make the sound dull and flat. As with all listening environments, the key to acoustic tuning is to find the ‘comfort zone’. We have mastered the comfort zone for the perfect cinema experience in the comfort of your home

Our team of Home theatre design consultants have executed various Residential personal theatre designing projects with customized specifications ensuring client satisfaction at affordable price structure. We design home theatres as envisioned by our customers. We work hand in hand from conceptual design to finished home theatres that are filled with acoustical design and acoustical products. Spectral Synthesis is the leading home theater home cinema acoustic design consultants in chennai India offering consultancy services in India, We provide home audio solutions for home cinema, home theatres, home theater design solutions, home theatre room design, Home Cinema Acoustics, Home Theatre Engineering, Home Theater Audio with Acoustics, Room Acoustics for Home Audio, custom home theater acoustics, Acoustic Treatment & Home Theater Solutions, Room Acoustics in Home Theaters, Home Theater Acoustics Treatment, Home Theater Acoustics - Audio Video Design, Cinema Acoustic Panels, Acoustics Home Theater in India